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Who the drugs kill | The Outline

Young Asian-Americans in Southern California’s MDMA- and ecstasy-filled rave and festival circuit are dying in alarming numbers.

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Teen Vogue

8 Asian American Pacific Islander Creatives on the State of ...

"I think our scattered representation is far from perfect, but it’s sweet and aching and somehow defiant progress."

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The strange story of how internet superfans reclaimed the insult ‘trash’

But in the annals of the internet, fans are united not just by their obsessions but by their level of obsession, and have taken ownership over the term “fandom trash” to encapsulate the strength, self-deprecation, and surprisingly high stakes of fandom today.

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My Eyes Are Asian Because I Am

I’ve wondered if having eyelids that both held a double fold would make me happier, or at least less of a target. But my race, and myself, can never be defined by one little crease.

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The Atlantic

Always the Sidekick

East Asian actors are still stuck in supporting roles in big-budget action movies, even as Hollywood tries to court the Chinese box office.

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The Complicated World of Niche Cosplay - Racked

In the world of anime cosplay, battles about “accuracy” (and racism) abound

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Family, Fate, and Two Astrologies

The Eastern Zodiac is one area of mysticism my family can all agree on.

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How My Quest For Tradition Taught Me To Embrace My Family's Past

Learning to appreciate Chinese folk songs helped me find a means of expression both specific and outside of myself.

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Queer Asian Films Are Finally Becoming More Prevalent | VICE ...

Which makes the arrival of two groundbreaking works that do just that this year—veteran Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook's The Handmaiden and Korean American filmmaker Andrew Ahn's debut feature Spa Night—feel like a revelation.

Bad Witch Aesthetics and Modern Music, or Ugliness as Power

Turn on the radio you will hear: smooth female voices cooing at and crying for listeners, as hairless and harmless as the men they worship. A joke, yet I’m not smiling, and neither is the monster in the corner.

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Princess Mononoke Feels Super Relevant 20 Years After Its Release

Princess Mononoke Feels Super Relevant 20 Years Aft...

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The Atlantic

How the Internet Invented a New Kind of Storytelling

Homestuck is one elaborate, self-referencing inside joke collapsed in a truly digital narrative....

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Feminism, gender fluidity, and France: In conversation with Christine and the Queens

Covering modern musicals to being a “Trojan horse” for questioning femininity to the struggle, but necessity, in standing up for your own work.

The sticky history of junk food cosmetics 1465489204 article

Lip-Smackeringly Good: Why Women Crave Junk Food Beauty Products

From Jolly Rancher nail polish to Burger King perfume, fast food cosmetics have been around for decades, but today they reveal our true hunger for simpler times—and the comfort of a cheap sugar high.

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Artist Faye Orlove Talks Junior High, Building Safe Spaces and Living the Creative Life

An interview with artist/director/gallery owner Faye Orlove